Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Candy for Lunch

     I like candy more than an adult should.  I saw a show recently where one of the players did a short monologue about an ex-girlfriend who always tried to get him to try candy.  His response was "no, I'm an adult.  I don't want candy."  I considered that to be the end of our romance.
     I like it to a fault.  I know I shouldn't like it as much as I should.  I know there is no value in it.  I know there is no protein in candy.  I know they are not low calorie foods.  At the same time, when the question "should I have candy for lunch?" comes up, the answer is never no.
     Lunch is coming up soon.  I have left over chicken waiting in the fridge for me.  I also have a bag of Reese's Pieces with me.  And not a small snack bag either- a full pound-sized bag.  Therefore, I will be having chicken and Reese's Pieces for lunch.
     When survival shopping this weekend, I bought more candy than I probably should have.  But if I was going to die in a hurricane, I wanted to die with candy.
     I suppose I understand why candy is not considered an adult food item.  I get that guy's point.  Years ago, I went to a movie with my friend Tom.  We went all out; we got a large popcorn, Twizzlers, Sno-Caps, and soda.  It was awesome, for about an hour.  Then it all started to settle.  We originally made plans for dinner following the movie.  We walked out of the theater and looked at each other knowingly.  We needed nutrients.  And we needed to be alone for a while.  Chances were good we were both going to be vomiting Twizzlers in the very near future.
     I know when I overdo it with candy, and I always feel like an idiot.  It's something a child would do, because a child doesn't know any better.  I know better, but I still do it.  I then attempt to counteract the pound of black liquorice with gallons of water and heads of lettuce.  Here's a tip: nothing can counteract a pound of black liquorice.  Don't ever eat that much black liquorice.     

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