Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How I Know I'm True

     A few months ago, I wrote about being someone between the person I was and the person I thought I was.  And I think there was talk about a third person in there and constant change, and maybe it got a little existential.  I frequently make qualifying statements about myself.  I do worry sometimes that I'm making these statements out of ephemeral ideas; I might be coming to concrete conclusions based on a fleeting feeling. 
     Yesterday, I talked about how much I enjoy candy.  "I like candy more than an adult should" I professed.  Was it possible that I was just saying this about myself with not too much evidence to back it up?  Would outsiders corroborate this? 
     I was having coffee with a friend of mine today, a friend who did not read yesterday's post, and she asked "What did you have for lunch today?  A pound of M&Ms?"  This is how I know I'm true to myself.  I laughed and said no, I had to cut that shit back because I did have a half-pound of Reese's Pieces yesterday.  She laughed knowingly.  She said I have the pallet of the 4-year-old, who also happens to enjoy booze.  Yes, I agree with that assessment. 
     Booze and Candy.  It's not just for breakfast. 

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