Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Leaving Notes All Over

     It's a pretty common thing among writers, to leave notes all over in different place.  We long for one place to keep them all, but realistically, this never happens.  I recently started to use Evernote as a way to try to make it happen, however.  I tell everyone about it.  It's a great program, and I only use it to its minimum.  If I used it to its maximum, I'd be amazing.  But the gist of Evernote is that it's a cloud based program that allows you to jot down notes on your computer or on your phone (or possibly others things) and it synchs them, so you always have all your notes. 
     There are times when I have a fleeting idea and it's nice to open the app on my iPhone, write in the sentence, and then come back to it later, at home, in front of my computer.  (It takes less time than finding a pen and opening my journal and then trying to read the horrific handwriting because I was on the bus at the time.)  There are times when I'm searching for ideas; when I just don't know what to write about, and I'll scroll through Evernote, looking for those one or two sentence gems, hoping to spark a fire.
      I did that today, and I found this:
    I'd like to give myself a little credit for titling the note Things you can't say but other than that, I have no idea why I wrote this down.  Also, this was the only thing in the note.  And of course, I have now negated the title by talking about it.  Maybe it was actually just a warning to myself.  Maybe I was keeping a list of things you can't say, that came to mind, and then I closed up the idea factory.  Maybe I assume that's the line I can't cross.  Anything else is fine. 
    Without leaving little notes all over the place, and without Evernote, I would never be able to relive this gem.  I look at it, shake my head, and chuckle.  As disturbing as it is, I'm really glad it's there.  Also, it makes me appreciate all the times when my anus is not a hot mess.  Which is, thankfully, most of the time.
     I also found a note that said "I just experienced some cogitative dissonance there."  The note included the quote marks, so clearly, someone said this to me.  I wrote cracks me up after it.  Boy, it's lucky these things don't get lost. 
     Ok, so they can't all be winners, but still, thanks Evernote!

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