Friday, August 19, 2011

Things That Always Make Me Laugh

     There are a few things that will always make me laugh.  If I'm having a dreary day, I just look out the window and think of one of these things, and I start laughing.  The dreariness fades.
     Mary says "Bye Ceilings!"  Every time I think about this, I just crack up.  It was so simple, but so hilarious.  I had found a craigslist ad for an apartment that seemed pretty damn ridiculous.  In it was the typo "hi ceilings."  We made fun of this.  Then it came to the part with a series of questions.  One of them was "Do you make 40x the rent?"  To which Mary just replied "Nope!  Bye Ceilings!"
    I laughed uncontrollably that day.  I had to leave the room.  Now, when I come across an apartment I can't afford, I wave and say "bye ceilings!"

     Wearing Someone Else's Face  What's the ultimate in creepiness?  Wearing someone else's face.  In the sketch class I took a few months ago, this came up a lot.  And every time it did, I cracked up.  We'd be spit balling on how to take the joke to the next level and someone, usually the same girl, would offer up "she could be wearing his face."  Logistically, I'm not sure how it works.  But comically, it gets me every time. 

     Drinking a Gallon of Milk in an Hour  The hilarity of this caught me off guard, actually.  A group of people were hanging out in a bar- a mixture of people who knew each other and people who were just meeting.  A new acquaintance was trying to tell a story of traveling through Ireland; he and his buddy had given themselves the challenge of drinking a gallon of Guinness in a day.  My friend Megan and I looked at each other with a familiar twinkle in our eyes.  "Easy" we chimed.  There are only 8 pints in a gallon.  (This actually took us a bit to figure out, because we had been drinking.)  You could drink a gallon of Guinness during the workday and probably not even be that drunk.  We dismissed his supposed prowess.
      Then Katie chimed in with "Oh, my friends never tried that with Guinness.  They used to try to see if they could drink a gallon of milk in an hour."  I lost it.  I laughed wholeheartedly for a sold three minutes.  She was completely serious.  But it can't be done.  It is physically impossible.  The idea of people trying just gets to me.  I also kind of thing of that episode of Friends when Joey claims he can drink a gallon of milk in  under a minute and ends up dumping it all over himself.
     Katie admitted nobody was ever able to do it, and every time they tried, they would get very ill.  But they kept trying.
     It may have just been the nonchalant way Katie brought it up, but something about trying to drink a gallon of milk in an hour makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Ahh.  Good times.  

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